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Quality policy

The Tossa de Mar Tourist Office, owned by Tossa de Mar Town Council, is a member of the Government of Catalonia’s Network of Tourist Offices, with number O-000060. It is managed by the Tossa de Mar Town Council, with the following core mission:

Promote Tossa de Mar’s active presence in the tourism market, encouraging tourism stakeholders to coordinate with each other in fostering tourism.

Produce the required promotional materials to publicise the town’s tourism offering.

Provide information about entertainment activities organised for tourists by other areas within the Town Council.

→ Cooperate in preserving the town’s natural resources and socio-cultural values.

Study Tossa de Mar’s tourism problems, implementing or proposing the best solutions for solving them.

→ Promote the “Tourism for everyone” message.

→ Manage, propose and perform any action that may contribute to promoting Tossa de Mar as a tourist destination.

Tossa de Mar’s Tourist Office seeks to be a dynamic, modern organisation in line with the times. Within this framework, our obligation is to:

  • Endow our destination with a quality system that assures growth in our services’ excellence and quality.
  • Produce the required promotional materials to publicise the town’s tourism offering.
  • Use the new technologies to disseminate Tossa de Mar and its tourism, cultural, natural, gastronomic, shopping and leisure offering.
  • Undertake initiatives and projects that benefit the town’s general interests and, in particular, its tourism interests.
  • Reduce tourism seasonality as much as possible in order to improve the quality of life of the town’s inhabitants.

Based on this mission, we have drawn up a Quality Policy for the management of the Tossa de Mar Tourist Office, with the goal of achieving three main objectives:

  1. Continuous improvement in the quality of service provided to visitors. This service is managed and provided by the Tossa de Mar Tourist Office. Our priority is to ensure visitors’ maximum satisfaction in our response to their queries, as this will also contribute to improving their perception of the destination.
  2. Continuous improvement of our internal management in order to ensure full attainment of the goals that have been set, designing a suitable monitored strategy for preventing non-quality.
  3. Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and also with the quality requirements set forth in UNE 14785:2015, the ICTE’s Quality Standard for Tourist Information Services.

In order to meet these three objectives, all of the staff at the Tossa de Mar Tourist Office must understand that quality is a goal that involves everyone, with each one of us working from our respective jobs to facilitate internal communication, follow the procedures explained in the Quality Manual and, above all, seek our customers’ full satisfaction.

The Tossa de Mar Tourist Office’s management and the town’s Tourism Department are fully committed to implementing the Quality Management System. Accordingly, the necessary human and material resources are provided to attain continuous improvement, with the goal that this system will help bring about positive, permanent changes in this office’s operation.

This policy will be reviewed at regular intervals to adapt it to the Tourist Office’s specific needs.