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Tossa's Traditional Cuisine

All year round

A gastronomic campaign in which several local restaurants participate in order to recover, make known among the public and enhance Tossa’s lifelong cuisine during the whole year. More information

Trekking. Schedule 2021

Trekking. Schedule 2021

April to October

Sunday 11/04  Megalithical path

Sunday 25/04 To  Plana Basarda

Sunday 09/05  Aromatic plants + workshop

Sunday 23/05 Puig de Montclar

Sunday 06/06  Cala Morisca to Sa Boquera

Monday 26/07  Santa Anna fireworks (night time) (CANCELLED)

Sunday 08/08  Northern coastal path

Sunday 22/08  Southern coastal path

Sunday 12/09  From St. Feliu to Tossa de Mar 

Sunday 17/10  Fruits of the forest + Workshop 

Sunday 24/10  Let's go and find mushrooms!

For more information and registration:

Tel. +34 972 342 847 / +34 609 173 746

Thematic guided walkings 2021

Thematic guided walkings 2021

June to October

Sunday 13/06 Indians Route (Locals who returned rich from South America)

Sunday 20/06 Vallpresona - Tossa

Sunday 11/07 Tossa - Lloret

Sunday 25/07 Tossa and its maritime tradition

Saturday 14/08 The tears of Sant Llorenç (night time)

Sunday 29/08 Tossa's centenary trees

Sunday 19/09  Canyet - Tossa

Sunday 03/10  Blanes - Tossa

For more information and registration:

Tel. +34 972 342 847 / +34 609 173 746

New Year's Concert

New Year's Concert


5.30 pm Cinema Montserrat

Cavalcade of the Three Wise Men


Arrival of the Three Wise Men.

The Pilgrim of Tossa


On the 20th of January, pilgrimage to Sta. Coloma de Farners.
On the 21th of January, return to Tossa and procession.

More information

Due to the sanitary situation, no people will be able to join this years Pilgrim in his pilgrimage


16/05/2021, Sunday

Information and inscriptions here

Casseroled Noodles

Casseroled Noodles

01 - 30/06/2021

Gastronomic campaign with the participation of several restaurants from Tossa.

Corpus Christi

03/06/2021, Thursday

Flower mats & altars in the town centre streets. Procession and sardana dancing. More information

Tossa shopping night

03/07/09, Saturday

Shopping streets

Tossa de Mar's 65th International Quick Painting Competition

29/08/2021, Sunday

This competition was the first one of this sort to be organized in Catalonia and Spain. All artists taking part in the competition must realize a painting, in which Tossa must necessarily be depicted, in one day.
The exhibition with the works taking part in the competition remains open until mid September.

Gastronomical campaign: The Cim i Tomba Cuisine

Gastronomical campaign: The Cim i Tomba Cuisine

01 - 30/09/2021

The Cim i Tomba gastronomical campaign takes place every year in Tossa during the month of September. From the 1st until the 30th several restaurants in Tossa offer a special menu consisting of a first course, the cim-i-tomba as a second course and a desert. There are different ways to prepare the cim-i-tomba, and every cook has his own recipe, so it’s a good idea to try it at different restaurants and find out which is the one you like best.

Restaurants participating in this year's campaign are: Bahía, Can Carlus, Can Pini, Castell Vell, El Petit Restaurant, L'Ajustada, Mestre d'Aixa, Minerva, Sa Muralla, Tursia, Víctor i Victòria.

Shopping in the street

04/09/21, Saturday

Shopping streets

Habanera recital

10/09/2021, Friday

At Tossa's Main Beach, "Habanera" recital (sea shanties).

Tritour Tossa de Mar - 13th. Olympic & sprint triathlon in Tossa de Mar

18/09/2021, Saturday

The only TriTour competition including swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, in addition to mountain biking and totally flat walking race.

Complete triathlon for lovers of strong emotions!

VW Classic Car Gathering

VW Classic Car Gathering

25/09/2021, Saturday

More information at

Sardana Dancer's Meeting

Sardana Dancer's Meeting

09, 10 & 11/10/2021, Saturday, Sunday & Monday

Christmas Market

Christmas Market

04 - 06 & 18 - 19/12/2021

Christmas and craft good market, workshops, tastings and much more!


Adaptation of the Christmas crib to the scene

Adaptation of the Christmas crib to the scene

18 & 19/12/2021

Fortified medieval old town of Vila Vella