The Cuisine of the Cim i Tomba

20th campaign - From the 1st until the 30th September 2022

The "cim i tomba" gastronomical campaign takes place every year in Tossa during the month of September. From the 1st until the 30th September, the restaurants adhered to Tossa's Traditional Cuisine offer a special menu consisting of a first course, the "cim i tomba" as a second course and a desert. 

The origin of the "cim i tomba" is deeply rooted in Tossa’s fishermen’s tradition. Years ago, when Tossa’s fishermen either used to row their boats or use sails, they had to be out at sea for long hours. They therefore used to take with them on board a little stove, charcoal, a mortar and an iron pot, as well as a basket containing potatoes, onions, garlic cloves, tomatoes, peppers, oil and spices (salt, black pepper, saffron, etc.) to make their own lunch. When it was time for lunch, one of the dishes they used to cook was what they called the "cim i tomba": they cut some onions and potatoes in slices, peppers and tomatoes into small pieces and some garlic cloves and put it all into the iron pot. They then added the fish that was damaged by the net and couldn’t be sold later (dogfish, gurnard, stargazer, angler-fish, cat-fish, etc), a good olive oil jet, and they covered it all with water. While the pot was put onto the stove and started to boil, they took the mortar and made a mixture out of mashed garlic and oil in good quantity, and when the cooking was nearly finished, they threw this mixture into the pot, letting it boil all together during 2 to 5 more minutes. They then took it off from the stove and it was ready to eat. The result was a very simple fish and vegetable pot, but very good. 

The "cim i tomba" is now usually prepared with anglerfish, turbot, cod or skate.

Restaurants participating in this year's campaign are: Bahia, Can Carlus, Can Pini, Castell Vell, El Petit, L'Ajustada, Mestre d'Aixa, Minerva, Sa Barca, Sa Muralla, Tursia, Víctor, Victòria.