Tossa’s Traditional Cuisine

TOSSA’S TRADITIONAL CUISINE is a new campaign started by Tossa’s Town Hall and several local restaurants in June 2009, that wishes to recover, make known among the public and enhance Tossa’s lifelong cuisine during the whole year. 

The cuisine of Tossa has been clearly influenced by the characteristics of its own region, but at the same time, the passage of time, the influence of different cultures and the life conditions of its people are what have kept it in constant evolution, shaping a proper local gastronomy, with similarities to that of our neighbour villages, but also with remarkable differences. 

To recover this little piece of Tossa we’ve tried to make it accessible to everybody from the tables of these restaurants, where you’ll be able to try a cuisine with all the taste of ancient times, made with top quality products and, in some cases, with unexpected touches of modernity. 

The restaurants offering TOSSA’S TRADITIONAL CUISINE in their menus are: Bahia, Can Carlus, Can Pini, Castell Vell, El Petit de Can Carlus, L’Ajustada, Marina, Mestre d'Aixa, Minerva, Sa Barca, Sa Muralla, Túrsia, Víctor & Victòria. These restaurants are enclosed in a brochure distributed by the Tourist Office and the Tourist Information Point. Moreover, each restaurant is clearly identified with a special label of Tossa’s Traditional Cuisine placed at the entrance of the establishment. 

Every restaurant owner has chosen among more than 30 traditional recipes of Tossa’s lifelong cuisine those dishes he wants to offer in his restaurant’s menu, which he may change according to the seasons. 

Contact details for the adhered restaurants: